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We supply, install, service, maintain and repair all major makes of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems. For a detailed list of the brands, please click here. The life span of a Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning or Refrigeration (HVAC&R) system can be increased with regular maintenance by an authorized dealer such as Kayden  Air Conditioners. We cater for industrial, commercial and residential Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems requirements. We offer specialized services to areas that require constant refrigeration services. These areas include medical laboratories, mortuaries, large supermarkets, keg rooms, wine chillers and cold rooms & freezer rooms. Please contact our highly trained and skilled sales team to discuss your service contracts on both air-conditioners and refrigeration systems. The recommended service interval required is bi-annually (every six months). If equipment is installed in very dusty or dirty environments, servicing should be done every three months

Refrigeration Service Standard service of a refrigeration unit involves:

  • Checking of compressor oil levels.
  • Checking of electrical loose connections.
  • Cleaning the condensing unit.
  • Cleaning the evaporators.
  • Checking of discharge and suction pressure.
  • Checking of voltage phase balance.
  • Adjusting controls if not normal.
  • Checking of system super-heat and adjusting if not normal.
  • Quality assurance to match refrigeration standards.

Refrigeration Service

Service excludes:

• Replacing any faulty parts.
• Repair of any gas leaks.

The owner is liable for any cost incurred for the maintenance of the refrigeration system, as the product warranty does not cover any of these costs.

Types of refrigeration Units

Our refrigeration experience include blast freezers, normal freezers, hot food chillers, thawing chillers, fruit and vegetable fridges, display chillers, cold rooms, under bar fridges, working areas, island freezers, bottle coolers, mortuary fridges and domestic fridges.

Air Conditioner Service An air conditioner service includes:

  • Cleaning of indoor unit and filters.
  • Cleaning of outdoor unit and coil with coil cleaner.
  • Check gas pressure and add gas when required.
  • Check that air conditioner works on heating and cooling.
Service excludes:
  • Replacing any faulty parts.
  •  Repair of any gas leaks.

Refrigeration Service

The owner is liable for any cost incurred for the maintenance of the air conditioner, as the product warranty does not cover any of these costs.


We offer a FIVE (5) year warrant on the coating of raw coils and pre-treated coils from date of application if maintenance contracts are in place with Air Conditioners and the coils are cleaned at least once a year with water or non-acid type cleaning soaps with a neutral ph. In high corrosive areas once every three (3) months cleaning cycle is required. A detailed warrant specification is available upon request.

Heating Services – Heat Pumps

Why Heat Pumps?

Heating geyser water is typically the largest cost of energy in home today. An average South African family will spend R5000 (as at December 2013) or more to heat water every year! The Geyser Heat pump is a heat pump that is designed specifically to heat your geyser water using hardly any energy. The Geyser Heat pump is connected to any existing electric, gas, oil, or propane water geyser in any home or business.

It makes use of a renewable energy source – the ambient air temperature in a garage, roof, basement or utility room is drawn in through the condenser to heat the water. The Geyser Heat pump is up to 370% efficient as compared to 60-95% for traditional water heating systems.

This means that for every 1 unit of energy required to operate The Geyser Heat pump, 3.7 units of energy are generated from the ambient air to heat the water. In laymen’s terms this means for every R1,00 you spend on electricity you get R3,70 worth by using renewable energy source.


Refrigeration Service

In certain cases up to 3 geysers can be heated with one heat pump. While Kwikot geysers are recommended, most geyser types can be used. Oil, gas, or propane usage is significantly reduced which means lower running costs, fewer emissions, smaller carbon footprint, and a safer and healthier environment for all.

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